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Centek Laboratories

AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), LLC in the accreditation program to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 international standard for…

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Environmental Air Testing - Analytical Laboratory Services

Centek Laboratories, a woman owned business (WOB), provides NELAC and AIHA-LAP, LLC (182993) accredited, is an air only laboratory services for testing a wide range of samples in the Vapor Intrusion (Environmental); LEED®; Biogas; Industrial Hygiene and product testing industry. Centek Labs holds environmental air laboratory certifications in New York, Texas, New Jersey, Florida and across the United States.

VOC Air and Soil Gas Analysis Specialists

Centek Laboratories, LLC is your solution to today’s volatile organic compound (VOC) air and soil gas analysis. Using state-of-the-art, advanced GC/MS and cryo-focusing technology for VOC testing, we offer positive confirmation of compounds along with superior sensitivity.

No longer needing bulky 6L summas cans, badges and tube/pump sampling equipment, Centek uses 400cc, 1L and 1.4L summa canisters for sample collection. Using a vacuum canister and a quick connect regulator we offer a no tool / no power sampling system.

Environmental Air Testing Laboratory Services

Centek Laboratories, LLC a small business (WBE) established in 2003, is a laboratory specializing in the analysis of air using EPA Method TO-15, EPA Method TO-14A, Method 3C, ASTM E2600-08, and OSHA Method PV-2120, ASTM E2600-10 among others.

Laboratory Accreditations

Centek Laboratories, LLC is a nationally accredited environmental air laboratory by NELAP and AIHA-LAP, meeting ISO/IEC17025:2005. Centek Laboratories, LLC holds environmental air laboratory certifications in New York, Texas, New Jersey, Florida and across the United States.

Our clients, both new and long term, range from large government entities, major corporations, to small private environmental firms, general contractors and homeowners. A continuing commitment to data quality, investment in advanced instrumentation, the latest proven technologies and techniques, user friendly sampling equipment and dedicated client service has continued to make Centek Laboratories, LLC the analytical facility of choice for laboratory air analysis.

Centek Laboratory Services

Our capabilities and project experience cover the full spectrum, from routine analysis to sophisticated technical services. Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Vapor Intrusion Sampling and Testing
  • LEED® IAQ Testing and Consulting
  • Product Testing
  • Chinese Drywall Analysis
  • New York State Green Building Tax Credit Air Testing and Analysis
  • Industrial Hygiene sampling and analysis
  • Landfill Gas Analysis
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring
  • Personal Air Monitoring
  • Parimeter Air Monitoring
  • Oil Spill Air Monitoring (BTEX, PAH’s)
  • EPA Superfund Sites
  • Department of Defense Sites
  • Brownfields
  • Real Estate Transfer
  • Ambient and Indoor Air testing
  • MassDEP APH Method
  • Environmental Air Testing and Analysis

Using GC/MS and cry-focusing technologies Centek routinely analyzes VOC samples in the ppm (part per million), ppb (part per billion) and ppt (part per trillion) detection range.