Statement of Qualifications

Centek Laboratories, LLC is focused on client services. To that end we maintain a substantial investment in superior instrumentation and advanced technology, allowing our professional team to provide quality, professional, accurate and timely services to our clients.

Using accepted EPA methods for compliance, Centek routinely identifies known and unknown VOC’s in air, liquid, soil and other matrices.

Centek prides itself on building customer loyalty through providing the best possible service. Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has been designed and developed by chemists and project managers working in a commercial analytical laboratory, specializing in VOC analysis.

Our clients come from a broad cross-section of industrial, commercial, governmental and residential sectors.

Areas of Expertise

Vapor Intrusion 95
LEED IAQ Testing 90
IH / IAQ 85
Biogas / Biofuel 75


Dear Centek Laboratories,

I wanted to thank you for introducing Centek Laboratories to our company. We receive many requests to test the indoor air because of odors, when the clients believed it was due to mold growth. Many times there are multitudes of odors that your services are beneficial to us in determining the possible sources, other then mold growth.

We pride ourselves on doing what’s right for the client. Once you explained and educated us on your VOC testing methods and how it could identify many of our clients concerns, your services became extremely valuable, by increasing the quality of service our clients deserve.

Your customer service is something to be proud of; every time we call with questions, your team is there with answers.
Thank you once again for your commitment excellence.

Vinny Gigliotti (CIE, CMR, CEI, CEM, CES, CTS)
Environmental Solution Incorporate

Dear Centek Labs,

I just wanted to express our thanks for a job well done on a recent project requiring analysis by TO-14a and TO-15 for 29 air samples from a NY WWTF.

From arranging for the analysis to delivering the canisters and providing the results on time, to even ahead of time as promised. Centek did a highly professional job.

A special thanks to your technical support team for providing some quick-connect hardware that streamlined our sampling procedures with the canisters and for keeping in communication during analysis concerning high concentration levels of a surrogate compound we used for the study.

We enjoyed working with your staff and will look forward to using Centek in future projects.

Robert Kricks, Ph.D.
RJK Consulting

Dear Centek Laboratories,

I wanted to extend a great appreciation for your client service staff, especially to Russ Pellegrino. I work in Client Services myself at a testing lab, and understand both being a client, as well as being the service provider.

Great customer service is hard to come by, and I feel like I was provided just that today when I called your lab and spoke to Russ. He was very helpful and understanding of my testing needs, which are actually the needs of my client. He was able to sympathize with my situation and provided me with something that worked both for myself and for my client. He could have easily told me that there was nothing he could do for me, but he went above and beyond to try and find a resolution that I would be satisfied with.

I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for your company, as well as for your employees. You often only hear the negatives from clients, and I wanted to make sure that positive feedback was recognized.

Laura Whelan
Client Services Manager
Specialized Technology Resources (STR)

Project Experience

Centek Laboratories, LLC was founded in Syracuse, NY in May of 2003. Using GC/MS and cryo-focusing technologies Centek routinely analyzes VOC samples in the ppb (part per billion) and ppt (part per trillion) detection range.

New York State was forced to become a leader in Soil Vapor Intrusion.

Endicott NY, located in the Southern Tier of NYS, has provided one of the largest studies in the US on Soil Vapor Intrusion. The results from the Endicott site and study have provided thousands of Sub-slab, Indoor and Ambient air samples that have helped NYS to understand that Soil Vapor Intrusion is not as predictable as once thought. Assisting NYS DEC and NYS DOH in understanding what was achievable from an analytical standpoint, Centek worked on sampling, detection limits, tracer gases and public relations.

Centek has based its analytical procedures and detection limits to coincide with NYS DOH Guidelines and matrices. The New York State Department of Health’s Guidance for Evaluating Soil Vapor Intrusion in the State of New York is a very conservative Guidance in both its detection limits and action levels. The guidance has been an evolving document for New York that Centek has helped to achieve public health protection, practicality and the highest level of analytical integrity.