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Choosing the correct methodologies, techniques and analysis are vital to the success of any air sampling program. Centek Laboratories can simplify your air sampling program utilizing Silonite coated canisters, eliminating the absorption, contamination and low recovery problems associated with tubes and Tedlar bags.

Through this process we eliminate the need to make volume measurements in the field which dramatically reduces the time, labor and level of experience needed to collect samples properly.

Whole air is captured in the MiniCan, much like its cousin, the summa canister used in today’s business, eliminating the need for OVM badges, Tedlar bags and the tube and pump technique for volatile organic compounds. In addition, for product testing using headspace VOC technology, it can negate the use of taste testing and purge and trap technology.

Silonite coated canisters are available in either 3L , 1.5L, 1L or 0.4L sizes. Sampling uses regulators that can collect in as little as 15 seconds to 3.5 days. These regulators will further simplify your air sampling program with quick connect fittings.
This provides an ultra-easy connection to samplers and a “no tools” approach to your sampling needs. Finally, the compact size of the MiniCan makes it much easier to use and reduces shipping costs.

So Simple…
Start collecting samples in seconds with just a quick-click connection and no tools or power required.
So Sensitive…
GC/MS analysis at GC prices. Get positive identification with lower detection limits before problems occur.