Laboratory Sampling Programs

Centek Laboratories is pleased to announce the opening of their air sampling division.

Vapor Intrusion

Our program is designed to meet the latest vapor intrusion guidelines in accordance to the NYSDEC and NYSDOH October 2006: Final Soil Vapor Intrusion Guidance. Centek Labs’ ability to do a vapor intrusion sampling event consists of inventory of the property, collecting ambient air samples, indoor air samples and sub-slab sampling. Whether you have a home, a street or a neighborhood Centek can meet your needs at a very reasonable rate.


Soil Gas Vapor Intrusion

Soil Gas Vapor Intrusion

Industrial Hygiene

Adapted from the EPA’s Air Quality Methods, Centek’s sampling equipment is the basis for OSHA’s Method PV-2120. We can help you set up your sampling program and do on/off site training or do the entire sampling collection program for you. Our trained technicians can do area and/or personal sampling with the newest state-of-the-art sampling equipment. They will, if you choose, remain on site checking and documenting that all sampling equipment is working properly. This saves you time and money!!! Contact us for pricing; you will be surprised how much you can save by using Centek’s sampling programs.