Product Testing and Analysis

Chinese Drywall Testing

Centek Labs provides comprehensive Chinese Drywall Testing and Analysis services to help determine air quality and product off gassing from Chinese Drywall. By utilizing state-of-the-art, accepted analytical methods in combination with the latest instrumentation and techniques and Centek supplied sampling equipment, our laboratory can provide analysis for suspected compounds causing contamination (total VOC’s, sulfur species). This represents a cost efficient, increased sensitivity approach to fulfilling your analytical needs.

If you are interested in discussing our Chinese drywall product testing capabilities, we invite you to contact us to set up a meeting or presentation via web conference, over the phone, or face to face.

Product Testing : Diacetyl Analysis

Diacetyll AnalysisMonitor Employees Exposure

Centek Labs has been doing product testing on many cooking supplies such as butter flavored oils, spreads and low calorie sprays. When the products are heated or just left in open atmosphere many VOC’s are released one of them being diacetyl. Recently some findings have seen diacetyl present in process foods and butter flavored side dishes. Know what your employee’s levels of diacetyl exposure are by using our quick and easy sampling kits.

Product Testing: Packaging & Materials Analysis

Packing Materials AnalysisVolatiles in Food Package

Packaging materials and adhesives can outgas volatile compounds into foods and beverages. Even low levels of these compounds can change the flavor of the product or even create a health risk.

Food & Ingredients Analysis

Food & Ingredients AnalysisAnalysis of Chemical Markers in Foods and Ingredients

The composition of volatiles in the headspace of foods and ingredients has shown to change as spoilage occurs. Microbial growth in food products produces unique compounds in the headspace that can be compared to normal headspace components to estimate the extent of spoilage.

Product Analysis: Flavor & Fragrance Analysis

Flavor Fragrance AnalysisVolatiles in Flavors and Fragrances

Many variables need to be taken into account such as analytical methods, absorbents and thermal breakdown on protein or sugar containing samples. Large Volume Static Headspace (LVSH) addresses these limitations. Sample preparation is not required other than placing the product in the LVSH chamber.

Product Analysis: Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Can AnalysisVolatile Compounds from Can Coatings

Polymer coated aluminum and steel cans are used throughout the world for packaging foods and beverages. It is known that the different coatings and curing process used can impact the food products in contact with these coatings.